About Marianne Schuit

“In every work of art I see, no matter how bad it is, there is

  always something which inspires me.”

“All I do is follow my intuition. I do not know, I feel.

“I only have to see a work of art once. From then on I will

  bear it in my mind.”

“I find it a rather saddening thought that Meta-art would have

  ended such a great tradition.”

“Picasso always moves me.”

“The fact that I had little time to paint, was very much to

  the advantage of my art: I could only focus on what was

  really essential.”

“Artistically I am extremely easily bored, which makes it impossible

  for me to work in series. What needs to be expressed, needs to

  be expressed in one Meta-painting taking the possibilities

  of some idea all the way to their very limits.”

“A Meta-painting needs to be on the very edge of its possibilities,

  anything less lacks necessity, which makes it boring.”

“If I would not have become an artist, it is most likely I

  would have been a scientist.”

“I do not express myself, I report.”

“I do not search for anything. I do not find anything.

  Something presents itself to me and I have to report about

  it, more or less like a scientist.”

“Mick says that I needed to create genuine art at such an early

  age, becasue I am not able to lie. An interesting thought.”

“I love all colours, but I never use them for their own sake.

  They just have to fit the idea I express in the best possible


“I do not want to impress anyone with my Meta-paintings, but I myself do want to be impressed by the ideas I have to express. If they do not impress me, they are not worth expressing.”

“In mentally disabled I recognize a lack of restrictions I feel

  at home with.”

“I am very much impressed by the thought of being part of

  something great like nature, the universe. I guess in Meta-art

  you will find the deep bond I feel with the greatness I am a

  tiny part of.”

“It is true, basically my style hasn’t changed for the last

  twenty years. But it is this style which enables me to

  express what needs to be expressed. Any other style would

  restrict me unbearably. Any other style would make Meta-art

  more personal and with that shallower, which means not Meta-art

  at all.

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Marianne Schuit, Tate Modern, London, 2010

Portrait gallery

“When I was a young child I already had the mind

  of an adult. As an adult I have always had the

  mind of a young child. I have always been both.”

“There is a part of life I do not live.”

“I have never seen art as a way to make myself

  important in the eyes of other people. Still I find

  it important that they see Meta-art. Not as a

  person, but as part of something you could call

‘general human understanding’.”

“I have never seen art as a way to make myself

  important in my own eyes either.”

“I have to make Meta-art. Something is telling me

  this. I do not know what it is. I only know I have

  to submit all my talents to it or otherwise it will

  never find the expression it needs.”

What needs to be expressed can be expressed in a

  simple way. If not, it is not worth expressing at


“I really would like to be able to tell what my art

  is all about, but I can’t. Everything I can say

  about it is so futile, I feel ashamed to the bone

  while I am saying it.”

“Meta-art could only be made in our times. Even in

  Mondrian’s days it would not have been possible

  to create it.”

Marianne Schuit, Hyde Park, London, 2011