“I say: Take a bit of paint and a whole lot of mind. That’ll take you to Atlantis!”


“Alright, take a bit of paint, a whole lot of mind and a very self-willed attitude. That’ll take you to Atlantis!”


“Okay, take a bit of paint, a whole lot of mind, a very self-willed attitude and an incredible amount of talent. That should bring you to Atlantis!”

“No way...”

“And if we took a bit of paint, a whole lot of mind, a very self-willed attitude, an incredible amount of talent and a mind as open as possible, would that take you to Atlantis?”

“It would take you to its vicinity, not to its shores.”

“And if we add a most refined intuition to all of this?”

“You would tip-toe through the undeep waters along its shores.”

“But what is it that would take you on its shores?”

“There is no name for it. It is what works underneath the intiution we already took into account. It is what moves freely among the seperate phenomena of this world, sensing their unity without pinning it down in any kind of knowledge. It is touched by everything, while entirely leaving it all to be. It is what is at home with the cause as well as the effect. It sees causality through, it sees its limits and beyond.”

“But if there is no name for it, it does not exist.”

“It exists, but there is no name for it.”

“Does it exist in all of us?”


“ But why do we not find it in ourselves?”

“Because it is most vulnarable to the firy dynamics of our ego. When the flames of our ego rise sky high, which they do most of the time, their glowing make it untraceable.”

“The discoverer of Atlantis does not have an ego? How can that be? We just agreed that she must be very self-willed?”

“The fact that she refuses to let herself be drawn onto all kinds of paths not leading to Atlantis, is not at all a matter of ego. Thanks to her most open mind and her most refined intuition, she is fully aware of the needs of what has no name. That is, of what it needs to not get itself stuck in the usual struggle of the ego to be seen, to be heard.”

“Her self-willingness holds back everything vain that could stand in its way...”


“But how come only the discoverer of Atlantis is able to do so?”

“To this question there is no answer yet. It may come in the future, it may not.”

“Genius lets itself not be explained...”

“Without getting into egomaniac vanity at all, that what has no name is entirely beyond genius. If the discoverer of Atlantis would not have been in contact with it, she would have been a genius. Now she is something new, something we not yet encountered in art. Maybe something of a new age. Atlantis seems to be the new new.”

Atlantis: a dialogue

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