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Insight disturbed me, because to me it seemed an irrelevant exit from the path on which Marianne had moved towards a beautiful figurative future.

In the meanwhile this exit had already taken on an all-embracing shape. In the months before the impact of the depression.

Vegifauna, Disentanglement, Insight, one by one works in which colour and light and lucidity and (poetic!) decisiveness all fought to prevail, they all came into existence before the ash grey of the mental collapse became the heart of things. 

A year before this ash grey had already announced itself in Inside rigid boundaries 2. It was (for how long?...) already lurking. And yet it had not prevented Insight and her sisters from coming to light, only just before the mental collapse.

Remarkably, with Insight as last. As if this peak had to be climbed before Marianne could submit her mind to the sucking action of the ash grey.

Nietzsche, writing his Ecce homo just before disappearing in the darkness of his insanity.

But Marianne did not disappear in any kind of insanity. She recovered. Her ordinary mental abilities came back, to once more serve her sovereign creativity.”

From the chapter 1993: wonder year 3,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

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