From countless millions

75 x 65 cm


“Meta-artist Marianne Schuit was born in Amsterdam in 1954. She grew up in Slotermeer and Osdorp, two newly built areas where there was little more to find than new concrete, spraying sand and… small waters in which fascinating life was distracting itself from glances not taking the trouble to look further than the surface of these small waters.

Marianne Schuit was often to be found at these waters, intensely looking at what was living there together.

At a very early age she became (more than…) aware of the fact that her own life would forever be connected to drawing and painting, although there was nobody in her surroundings stimulating her in this.

What made her calling – we may safely call it this way – a very special one, was the circumstance that Marianne Schuit knew from the very beginnings that her drawing and painting would serve her unstoppable ambition to make the impossible possible.

She (more than…) succeeded in this.

But… this took time, lots of time.

Only in 1992 Marianne Schuit found the nonsensical way to get to the nonsensical of the impossible: Meta-art.

It had taken her from 1958 to get here, all the time realizing that this possibility had to be somewhere, but not knowing where.”

From Biography,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

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