'Here crosses the evening the longing'

80 x 80 cm


“There is nothing that indicates that the still young Marianne Schuit back then was aware of the fact that she essentially gave shape to her own situation in this early painting. Asked about this, she can only answer: “I painted a feeling I had back then.”

A horse busy to bridge an impossible distance. Towards loneliness. Self-chosen loneliness. Because the horse could also have chosen to stay with the group.

It chose for splendid isolation.

Later, much later – but not that late: I did not yet speak of Meta-art -, Marianne Schuit would paint 'a situation sketch' of this splendid isolation, brought back to just its essentials: ‘Here crosses the evening the longing’ ”

From the chapter Childhood/Childlinesh 2,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

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