Bound by his skin, bound by his focus on just a few phenomena, man quite easily thinks of himself as being a pretty restricted manifestation of space and time. To Marianne Schuit nothing could be more wrong than this notion.

As for space and time, That’s the way it is drags us into the most fundamental awareness that everything, including ourselves, only really exists in a moment never to be repeated anymore. But no matter how fragile our position may seem, thinking of this, the playful forcefulness of the pictured pattern of jig saw pieces, expresses just the opposite: it testifies of a tremendous power that we are here and now, utterly alive and kicking, knowing what we know, and seeing what see, feeling what we feel.

In Trinity and Alpha and omega we see ourselves disrupted from all flesh and bone. Universal portraits of man, that’s what we could call these paintings. They ‘only’ show the mental part of being human. What it all comes down to if we forget the petty concerns of the ego. There is heaviness to be left behind. There is sheer energy. Concentrated awareness. The refined bond between body and mind. The altered state of mind. In fact the terrain where the struggle for human life is really taking place.


That’s the way it is

Alpha and omega

I am a mystery to me