40 x 40 cm


‘Completely contradictory to what modernists like Picasso, Stravinsky, Rimbaud, De Kooning, Webern en Joyce strived for, a form of expression as free as possible to express as much freedom as possible, Meta-artist Marianne Schuit has ‘withdrawn’ herself entirely into the opposite movement.

The (indeed) bizarre consequence: non of the named modernists has, in any of his for freedom aspiring works ever found as much freedom of expression as Marianne Schuit has found in her extremely bonded Meta-paintings.

Not nearly.

With this Meta-art is the ultimate paradox of modern western society.

On the one hand Meta-art denies the absolute core concept of modernism, freedom can only come from a free gesture, while she on the other hand encounters the holy grail of modernism, that same freedom, more closely than any modernist freedom-loving work of art whatsoever.’

From the chapter Meta-art,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

The Meta-paintings of Marianne Schuit?Meta-paintings.html

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