There once was

                     55 cm x 65 cm


                              Oil on canvas


One of the very first Meta-paintings ever. Created in ‘the year of the change’ 1992.

Like in all Meta-paintings there is this paradoxical ‘blend’ of childlike naivete and extremely mature awareness. But in the case of this very early Meta-painting the childlike ‘festive’ character seems to only just dominate the profound mature character, giving There once was a kind of celebrating character. Despite its deep-seriousness, there is ‘a party going on’ as well.

The reason for this could be that Marianne Schuit, for tens of years knowing that there had to be a way to break through to where she could finally express (literally!) everything with only a little bit of paint, finally had found the passage to this dimension in the kind of abstract paintings she began to create in 1992.

There once was and Panta rhei both seem to show some of the relieve caused by the finding of the nonsensical route towards art that leaves art behind and thus becoming something transcending the abilities of art by far: Meta-art.

There once was is one of the two ‘youthful’ creations from the very early youth of Meta-painting. The other one is Panta rhei.

The Meta-paintings of Marianne Schuit?Meta-paintings.html

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Due to personal circumstances, the Internet auction of Meta-art is adjourned to a date yet to be determined in the future: www.delaatstestap.com

Introducing in 2014: Internet auction Meta-art


On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 November 2014 Meta-paintings will be auctioned for the first time. On this website.

The auctioned Meta-paintings will come straight from the studio of the Amsterdam based Meta-artist MARIANNE SCHUIT.

There once was and Night watch will be the first Meta-paintings that will become available in this way.

For those fortunate enough to be more or less in the neighbourhood, there will be the possibility of a viewing of the named Meta-paintings in the studio of Marianne Schuit on Sunday 9 November 2014.

Further details will follow in the months to come.

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                    Night watch

                                    65 x 80 cm

                                  Oil on canvas


Meta-art is by far the most complex artisctic expression known to us. Its complexity seems to directly reflect the incredible complexity of our own mind and in this mind and artistic expression come closer to each other than in any art ever made.

In some of the Meta-paintings of Meta-artist Marianne Schuit the complexity of Meta-art itself (and of our mind) seems to be on display. He who looks more carefully at Night watch will notice that not only there is a pattern of all kinds of differently coloured facets in this Meta-painting - its colouring adding up to a kind of ‘nocturnal atmosphere’ -, but there is also a rather whimsical pattern of ‘shift lines’ superimposed on this pattern of facets.

Such a superimposement in combination with an already very busy pattern of differently coloured facets, could easily be ‘too much’ to even the most willing spectator. But in Night watch the dazzling complexity of the different patterns does in no way get too much. Much to the surprise of the spectator, in some mysterious way, the enormous complexity of this Meta-painting still resolves in the grand calm and crystalline clarity so characteristic for all Meta-art.

With this Night watch seems to be one of those key Meta-paintings in which Marianne Schuit shows what Meta-art is all about. In this case: insane complexity that never loses itself in nothingness but always stays as solid as if it was simplicity itself.

Like our own mind hardly ever loses itself in its incredible complexity, but most of the time is defined by pretty simple and highly effective activities.

Of course you want to know what Meta-art is!

The best way to find out is to visit the studio of Meta-artist Marianne Schuit, see the Meta-paintings that are created there and speak with Marianne Schuit and Mick van Schooneveld about Meta-art.

But if for some reason this is not possible, then ordering the book Meta-art of Mick van Schooneveld could be very heplful.

In this book Mick van Schooneveld explains why Meta-art is the revolution of revolutions in the arts.

But he also tells the story of his own involvement in this creative expression that leaves art behind to enter a dimension where all the limitations of art seem to have vanished, enabling Meta-artist Marianne Schuit to express what, actually, cannot be expressed.

He shows that we are, thanks to Meta-art, living in the age of Meta-modernism, being the age in which the overwhelming developments of the (natural) sciences are (finally) accompanied by the overwhelming creative expression of ‘what’s on man’s mind’ found in Meta-art.

Can’t read the book yet, but already want to know what some of the groundbreaking consequences of Meta-art are? Then take this short cut: Summary groundbreaking consequences of Meta-art