Joost J. Lighthart: “2013 is the Year of Meta-art…”

Mick van Schooneveld: “In every respect. Not only is Meta-art popping up like never before, moreover,

         to Marianne 2013 seems to be a year like 2007, which I have called an annus mirabilis, ending with

         the incredible Who’s afraid of Marianne Schuit.”

JJL: “Yes, but…”

MvS: “2013 seems to be not only the year the international art world couldn’t neglect Meta-art anymore,

          it also seems to be a most fruitful year for new Meta-art, with Into the wild probably as its most

          breathtaking specimen.”

JJL: “Marianne is feeling the vibes?”

MvS: “I don’t know. I never know what Marianne is feeling at a certain moment in time. Only much later

          the Meta-paintings that come from a certain period tell me that there has been something going on

          in her mind that obviously needed to get out.”

JJL: “You’ve come to ‘read’ her Meta-paintings that well?”

MvS: “Actually, yes. Which still amazes me. But it is the down right, yet incredible, truth.”

JJL: “Everything you say about Marianne’s Meta-paintings is true?”

MvS: “It sure is. You see, I don’t sell some kind of product. I sell sincerity. Meta-art is extremely sincere, it

            would never allow me to say something about it that wouldn’t be true.”

JJL: “Still, people may easily draw the conclusion that you are bragging for sales-reasons.”

MvS: “O, yes, it would be the easiest thing to do, to draw that kind of conclusion. But the inconvenient

            truth is that I do in no way like bragging. But if there is truth to be told, even when it may seem like

            bragging, I will not hesitate to tell this truth. Especially when Meta-art is concerned. You see, I

            can’t help it that Meta-art is just as grand as I say it is, that it transcends everything we’ve ever

            encountered in the arts, that it is the end of art as we know it…”

JJL: “That it is the only contemporary artistic expression on par with the 21st century sciences…”

MvS: “Indeed.”

JJL: “Alright, but are you never afraid that Marianne’s Meta-paintings are somehow overshadowed by

         what you say about them?”

MvS: “That people will not see them anymore for what they actually are…”

JJL: “Yes.”

MvS: “No, I am not afraid of that at all. Everybody who is willing to take the trouble to come and see

           Marianne’s Meta-paintings, will discover that they are as fresh as freshly fallen snow to them.

           That’s one of their miraculous qualities. No matter how much I have said about them, in whatever

           exuberant way, they are just not touched by even my words. They have too strong a personality to

           be touched by whatever thought about them.”

JJL: “Still, a considerable part of the international art world will probably find your words pretty…”

MvS: “At least 70% of the international art world lacks whatever is needed for Meta-art to root in. It is

            from the remaining 30% that the awareness has to come that the art world is not enough for

            Meta-art, that Meta-art needs a Meta-art world to unfold its insanely comprehensive qualities in

            the world.”

JJL: “A Meta-art world?”

MvS: “An art world with a huge overdrive, capable of propelling itself truly into the 21st century.”

JJL: “An art world that has to combine boldness with awareness…”

MvS: “Yes. And a very strong sense of curiosity with the absolute will to really be part of something that

            is unique even among the most unique things the arts have to offer.”

JJL: “Do you really think that there are people who combine these qualities?”

MvS: “O yes, I am sure that they exist. They only have to discover that Meta-art exists, what it really


JJL: “And so you speak as loud as you can…”

MvS: “We have to cross oceans and months of not being in the spotlights… Amsterdam is, despite The

            Rijksmuseum, The Van Gogh Museum and The Stedelijk Museum, a very quiet and remote place.

            To be heard from there you have to bang the drums.”

JJL: “Which once will be part of the incredible story of how Meta-art came into this world…”

MvS: “2013 will be the Year of Meta-art.”

The Meta-paintings of Marianne Schuit?Meta-paintings.html

Joost J. Ligthart speaks with Mick van Schooneveld

         “...are you never afraid that Marianne’s Meta-paintings are somehow

                overshadowed by what you say about them?”

           “... if there is truth to be told, even when it may seem like bragging, I will

                 not hesitate to tell this truth.”

Meta-art is the end of art - video