Into the wild

80 x 100 cm


‘An early Meta-painting like Vegifauna has most definitely Van Gogh-like qualities, with that dazzling yellow from which pure sunlight seems to radiate.

But there the ‘exploration’ is still pretty clear.

In the case of a more recent Meta-painting, Into the wild, it is not at all easy to see that its utter indeterminacy is a kind of (Meta-)pendant of the very interesting studies Bill de Kooning once did on how he could leave his paintings as unfinished as possible without shipwrecking them in mere meaninglessness.

It is typical for Meta-artist Marianne Schuit that she gives shape to the utter indeterminacy of Into the wild by means of shapes that, in their sharply defined geometrical appearance, could not be more well-determined.

Being ultimately vague without being vague.


And so we discover all kinds of influences in Meta-art of the work of artists that obviously invites to Meta-artistic research.

But there are also, albeit in the most hidden of manners, influences to be found of personal experiences of Marianne Schuit – pregnancy for instance... But they never – never! – get an anecdotal character. Ultimately sublimed they are everywhere.‘

From the chapter Influences,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

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