However every Meta- painting of Marianne Schuit reveals a multitude of phenomena influencing each other, brought forth by each other, contradicting each other, in Meta-paintings like Between Scylla and Charybdis, Atlantis and Night watch the artist seems to literally show a multitude of layers of meaning. It is as if she opens up the mystery of her extremely complex art to us, but in doing this her art becomes even more complex.

This may seem clumsy - on a very deep level, mind you... But in fact these Meta-paintings are the expression of the awareness that the human mind truly is a phenomenon too complex to be really understood. The deeper you dig, the more complex it gets.

Marianne Schuit is the only artist capable of expressing this deepest of insights right to its very core. She does this with the simplest of media at hand today: paint. This too seems a bit clumsy, but, quite contrary, in a very early stage Marianne Schuit was already deeply aware of the fact that only paint would be able to express this deepest of insights.

Closer to the mystery of the complexity of the human mind we will not get in the arts.

Between Scylla and Charybdis


Night watch

Layer of meaning upon layer of meaning