Meta-art: where does it come from?

People act superficial, but they are not superficial. Behind their superficial doings there is a vast and deep world of awareness they do not tap into because of their vanity, their fears, their longing to find futile solutions for sophisticated matters. But it is there and subconsciously they are aware of it, day by day, minute by minute, second by second. 

Masters of self-delusion, people go to great lenghts to keep their complex awareness under water, but somewhere deep down, they do exactly know what is going on inside of them. But it is all too much, too overwhelming, too sophisticated, and so, out of fear of losing themselves in their own complexity, they choose to be superficial. 

Meta-art represents the courage to let it all out, to recklessly face the fact that we are endlessly profound, that we are far more than we dare to see.

In Meta-art we see what the human mind has to offer if it does in no way feel the need to protect the ego from getting hurt by feeling unseen, looked down upon, despised. In Meta-art the ego is entirely absent and so are the petty concerns that go with it. Meta-art is all about the essence of what we are, in every respect.

Mick van Schooneveld
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Meta-art is the end of art - video
Joost J. Ligthart speaks with Mick van Schooneveld

     “...are you never afraid that Marianne’s Meta-paintings are somehow 
               overshadowed by what you say about them?”

          “... if there is truth to be told, even when it may seem like bragging,
                I will not hesitate to tell this truth.”