Nothing is reflected by nothing

95 x 115 cm


“In Meta-art a very soft, almost non-existing, colour may possess such a compelling force that a whole surroundings of extremely forceful colours meekly withdraws itself from the attention of the spectator.

Burning red can behave like a lap dog.

Deep black can make us think of anything but death, in particular of life.

Grey can be uplifting like it was the most vital of blues.

In Meta-art colours are often ‘not themselves’. With which Marianne Schuit constantly tears the known psychology of colours down.

To Mark Rothko his colours were actors. To Marianne Schuit her colours are actors as well. But time and again her actors show character properties that amaze and bewilder us because of their paradoxical traits, where the actors of Mark Rothko are much more their predictable self.”

From the chapter Colour,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

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