Outside the box

55 x 65 cm


“So far for the softer forces of the female Meta-genius.

Because Meta-art is not only Meta-art because of these softer forces.

Meta-art becomes Meta-art because of a field of tension stretching out in all directions between these softer forces and a whole range of much harder forces.

Meta-art may be very warm-empathic, it is definitely also chilly-inaccessible. It may show itself involved in the highest degree, it is also absolutely non-sociable. Despite her utmost attention for every little detail, in the end she is entirely monomaniac as well. Her limitless tenderness goes seamlessly together with a breathtaking ruthlessness.

And there are still a few other hard forces to be found in the Meta-paintings of Marianne Schuit, which give her Meta-art this specific bite preventing it from ‘simply’ slipping into our mind.

With which the Meta-genius obviously has no other alternative than to be a human being in every possible way.

Very feminine, hyper-feminine, but in the end mainly and full of conviction: a human being.”

From the chapter Femininity,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

The Meta-paintings of Marianne Schuit?Meta-paintings.html

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