Outside rigid boundaries 2

120 x 140 cm


“A striking tendency: every once in a while there is a Meta-painting popping up amidst all the other individuals which is not only just a Meta-painting, but which is also speaking out about what this means, being a Meta-painting.

Often these are the strongest of all the strong individuals in the Meta-oeuvre of Marianne Schuit.

Outside rigid boundaries is one of them.

An unbridled energy and a rigid framework.

Boundless aspiration and the incarnation of containment.

An unstoppable energy which is obviously not going to be held back by anything and a fragile framework, which still gives the impression that it will not give up any of its position, any of its intransigence.

Status quo. In which both aspiration and resistance rise to their ultimate development.

But in which a most softly coloured, ultimately thin line right outside the black framework brings this sharpest of contradictions in an all-decisive way together in the awareness that this contradiction is essentially taking place within a constellation of a much softer kind: there is unity, where there seems to be sheer division.

This ultimately subtle, in fact hardly existing, line, forces the battling parties, in a most sovereign way, to go together in unity.”

From the chapter Location research,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

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