Some facts about Meta-art

Art is from a prison reaching for freedom, Meta-art is staying out of this prison.

Art is taking place in the possible, Meta-art is taking place in the impossible.

In art the mind sends a few of its knights to its aid, in Meta-art its entire Cavalry leaves the gates.

Art is defined by its limits, Meta-art by its lack of limits.

Art like Cubism is an intellectual construct, Meta-art is the human mind overflowing.

Meta-art starts where art ends.

Art is part of its age, Meta-art sees its age through.

Art is the long childhood that has led to the grand maturity of Meta-art.

No matter how bizarre art once tried to be, when she was at her most bizarre, 
she turned into something else: Meta-art.

Suddenly art is old school, because of the new school called Meta-art.

What seems refined in art, is pretty rude seen from Meta-art.

What led to success in art, cleverness, could only lead to failure in Meta-art.

Art explores the subconscious, Meta-art unfolds the subconscious.

Art can only live in one or two rooms, Meta-art lives in the entire building.