There once was

55 cm x 65 cm


‘ “As a young child I was already mature and as an adult I have always carried this child with me, until today.”

A striking remark of Marianne Schuit.

Almost every Meta-painting shows this wondrous combination of the deepest of insights in the complex layeredness of the human mind and a childlike innocence which is aware of nothing but its own enthusiasm.

Picasso urged us to stay a child in our art.

Marianne Schuit has always stayed a child, but a child that was already wise at an incredibly young age.

At kindergarten, at the age of 4, she realizes that she is destined to be different, radically different, from everybody around her. She realizes that she is on her way to do what no one else around is destined for. She only does not yet know what it is.

She is drawing two people, a tree and a squirrel - alas, the drawing has got lost… Each time she erases the people and the squirrel to replace them in a slightly different position towards each other. What she actually wants is to tell the developing story of these individuals in one and the same drawing.

Which is impossible.

The urge to make the impossible possible was obviously present from a very early stage.’

From the chapter Childhood/Childishness 1,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

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