To be or not to be

60 x 75 cm


‘But especially Picasso.

The one everybody openly admired but secretly feared.

Many of the 20th century artists – probably the most, if not all of them – have more or less worked with the very hot breath of this all-consuming genius in their necks.

Not Marianne Schuit.

She has always experienced the creative breath of Picasso as nothing but refreshing. She has never had the feeling to have to crawl from under the immense creative power of Picasso, like so many others had.

Probably because she has always felt that her way would take her beyond Picasso. She knew, even when she did not know where this way was to be found and what it would look like, that what she would find there would not exist next to Picasso.

Picasso had done his thing.

And that was grand.

She would do absolutely her thing.

She would bath in her own sun.

Where others had to try to get out of Picasso’s shadow.

No matter how different they are, in one way they are like two drops of water: in their more than vital creative power that never ever and nowhere stops.’

From the chapter Picasso,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

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