Who's afraid of Marianne Schuit?

90 x 120 cm


“Again neon colours - see Origin, but now they are not only challenging, they are also obviously part of a pictorial language we have to take seriously.

Few Meta-paintings are – in this case mainly because of those colours - torn this far apart like Who’s afraid of Marianne Schuit?

To, in the end, still irrevocably rest in the almost supernatural calm, which is so characteristic for Meta-art.

One of the grand Meta-paintings.

With all the features of the bold modernist pioneering spirit.

And all the features of the spirit that turns this modernist pioneering spirit completely upside down.”

From the chapter 2007,

from the book Meta-art

by Mick van Schooneveld

The Meta-paintings of Marianne Schuit?Meta-paintings.html

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