Finding Atlantis (1)


more and more

A real discoverer needs good equipment...

How about some real big windows on the world...

1 year old


The first and foremost proof that she was already looking for an unimaginable trail is gone forever.

What lasted was the awareness in the 4 year old

that she had to search for such a trail

And then life showed itself at its saddest...

Showing you should never take anything for granted...

Still, the search went on...

Taking the discoverer to a pair of wings...

when after all it became clear she didn’t need any such thing...

to get where she needed to go...

at first...

but then...



Mural in school


And then again:

there was also the lust for life...

That’s how life and love


attached to

the ongoing exploration of

the unknown...

And that’s where your host

came in

knowing nothing about the unimaginable



Sometimes the discoverer

by a photographer

or discovered herself

with the camera obscura

That is to say, the outside of herself...



or was discovered by yet another photographer

cause every young woman should,

at least once in her life,

aspire to become


and nothing less...

She already knew: it really would be all or nothing!

Photo: Jan Brand

Photo: Wim van der Laan

The offspring of modest, stubborn West Frisians.

Daddy is insanely talented on the Hammond organ,

but aspires to no musical career.

Mommy is very good in making clothes,

but she aspires to no career in this either.

There is no cultural interest at all.

herself was dicovered