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Meta-art, the pirates edition. Finally. The book that will tell you all you need to know about what Meta-art is. Why it is the totally unexpected and most bizarre final chord of modernism. Why it is, at the same time, the fulfilment of this modernism and turns the core idea of it, freedom, completely inside out, to show that ultimate freedom of expression is only to be found in... bondage.

Reading this book will help you understand why Meta-art is art jenseits von Kunst, art on the other side of art. From where it acts as ‘the ultimate paradox of modern western society.’

Meet a phenomenon, Meta-genius, that takes the grand possibilities of the male genius in the arts to even grander possibilities. Possibilities, finally, suitable to the complex, paradoxical, multifaceted, all-inclusive circumstances of 21st century life.

More about this MUST READ here... Order it here... ‘Your most exiting trip in the arts ever.’ Joost J. Ligthart