PS - What The Last Step wants you to know

With emails and Whats App messages shooting through cyberspace, to find their place in a Mount Everest of digital communication, The Last Step likes to communicate with a considerable part of the international art world and its surrounding neighbours by means of little pieces of genuine paperwork. 

Untill fairly recently this communication bore a pretty discrete character, as it reached the recipients in a neatly envelope. And that was how it was supposed to be, considering the extremely discrete character of Meta-art.

But those days are gone. With 2013 being the year Meta-art is getting into the light, The Last Step stripped its paper communication of the discretion of its envelope. Meta-art being just as boldly outwardish as it is ever so delicately discrete, will get more and more in the open, in every respect.

On this page you will find a digital representation of the paperwork that has found its way to the international art world and its close neighbours. It is still to be seen which members of these communities will understand the magnitude of what is happening at The Last Step. If you are one of them: keep the paper work The Last Step sent you in a safe place. It will prove to have been part of one of the most extraordinary happenings that have ever taken place in the arts.

And if you still throw it away or put it in the paper shredder: do never say that I didn’t warn you...

Mick van Schooneveld
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Meta-art is the end of art - video

A5 Card, frontside. Sent 11/14 September 2013

A5 Card, backside. Sent 11/14 September 2013

A5 Card, frontside. Sent 25/28 September 2013    (text)

A5 Card, backside. Sent 25/28 September 2013

Joost J. Ligthart speaks with Mick van Schooneveld

     “...are you never afraid that Marianne’s Meta-paintings are somehow 
               overshadowed by what you say about them?”

           “... if there is truth to be told, even when it may seem like bragging,
                  I will not hesitate to tell this truth.”